hakDatems Group , together with Datem Deri , has been established to produce leather garments for the global markets . Over time , leather accessories , prestige products and totally natural personal furniture designs were included and it became a group of companies .

Datems Group is always trying to be one step ahead of present markets with its inhouse design work and production , well-experienced employees , young and talented people .

Datem deri , is producing for the world towering clothing brands and working together with their designers . In 2012 , SAUL brand is created by its own design team and quickly took their place in world markets .

With the belief of differentiation , a new brand – CATSUIT – was born in 2015 in order to have the sustainability of the caught success .

Datems Group presents tailor-made special furniture and decoration designs to its national and international customers by its Ojo Design .

Main target ; to be able to have a voice in worldwide fashion by INOVATION , DIFFERENTIATION and SUCCESS focused operations .

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